Hi, I'm Adrien!

I make videos, and you can watch some of them on Comedy Central Originals, Adult Swim, and Funny Or Die. My latest digital series won the Audience Award at SeriesFest.

I'm currently producing Stupid Music Videos, a Rizzle Studios show where I write a song and make a music video with a new guest each week.

I've written a few live shows, and perform sketch comedy and musical improv regularly in New York City and at festivals around the world. I also play piano for a bunch of improvised musicals.

Feel free to contact me if you want to work together!

Stuff I've Made

Night Crew

Comedy Central Originals

What would happen if you gave three idiots unprecedented access to the Pentagon's top secrets?

After winning the Comedy Central Development Award at NYTVF, Night Crew was released by Comedy Central in 2019.


Adult Swim

Three sportscasters desperately try to keep the show going at a baseball game where absolutely no one else is in the stadium.

Created by Geil Comedy for Adult Swim. Featured by Vulture.

Stupid Music Videos

Rizzle Studios

Every week, Katie and Adrien invite a guest to write a brand new song and shoot a whole music video.

We have over 40k subscribers and over 500k views, and continue to grow week by week.

Early To Rise

Audience Award Winner at SeriesFest

On the way to a distant planet, three less-than-qualified astronauts are awoken from stasis 90 years too early and trapped inside their hibernation pods.

Alone in the endless void, they can't kill themselves, they can't kill each other so they'll just have to kill time.

Created with Geil Comedy, and currently seeking distribution.

Terms Of Service

Public Access TV Show

In 2015, I started a sketch show on Public Access TV, bringing together a bunch of talented comedians to churn out a half-hour of new videos each month.

Our videos have been featured by Funny Or Die and Mashable, and we've performed at comedy festivals around the country.

Live Shows

Onstage Around The World

I've written and premiered 3 solo shows at SOLOCOM. My sketch team Kids These Days performs regularly in NYC and at comedy festivals like SF Sketchfest. I perform weekly with my PIT Musical Improv House Team Havisham. And I've toured around the world as a pianist for improvised musicals including Baby Wants Candy.


Night Crew | Comedy Central Originals

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Early To Rise

Audience Award Winner at SeriesFest

Stupid Music Videos | Rizzle Studios

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