Adrien Pellerin

Oh hey!

I'm Adrien. I'm a comedy writer and actor based in New York City.

My original series, Night Crew, was recently selected to premiere at NYTVF's 2017 Independent Pilot Competition.

A couple years ago I started TOS Comedy, a video sketch comedy group with a monthly Public Access TV Show on BRIC and MNN in New York. We've since created dozens of videos that have been featured by Mashable and Funny Or Die.

I'm a huge musical theatre nerd, and recently wrote and performed in a musical sketch comedy show, Meet The CEOs: A Startup Musical, that was featured at Austin Sketch Fest in May 2017.

You can catch me performing in a brand new sketch show every month with BoogieManja at The PIT Loft.

I also play piano and accompany a bunch of musical improv teams. I created STAGED: An Improvised Staged Reading Of A Musical.

Contact me if you have any questions!

Night Crew - Still 1.jpg

Night Crew

In January 2017, I started writing a new comedic series called Night Crew with my sketch group, GEIL. We produced 5 mini-episodes in the spring, and we were selected to premiere at NYTVF's 2017 Independent Pilot Competition in October!


Official Trailer for Night Crew


TOS Comedy

I started TOS Comedy in 2015 with a small group of comedians I knew from Texas, and a bunch of new folks we met and fell in love with through UCB in New York.


Winter Sex by TOS Comedy - Written by Adrien - Featured on Mashable


On Public Access TV

We started producing a monthly half-hour TV show full of new sketch comedy videos each month on BRIC and MNN in New York City. Some of these sketches were featured by Mashable and Funny Or Die.

RUN RUN RUN by TOS Comedy - Written by Adrien

Hot4u by TOS Comedy

Live Shows and Festivals

TOS Comedy has also produced several live sketch shows at The PIT, Chicago Sketch Fest, Hell Yes Fest, and at Brown University.

Meet the CEOs


A Musical Sketch Comedy Show about Startups!

Writing a 30-minute musical sketch show

We started writing the show in spring 2016, starting with a bunch of sketches based in around startups. After deciding to structure the show like a new-hire orientation presentation, I started writing and recording the backing tracks for songs to tie the show together.


From The PIT to Austin Sketch Fest

We first put the show up at The PIT in NYC for a 4-week run. After a near-complete re-write, we brought the show to Austin Sketch Fest in May 2017.